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Vocational School Luhačovice 

Over 5,000 students have passed through the doors of this school since it was established in 1967. The study branches it has provided over the years have helped students to prepare for the job market or enter their chosen future professions.
A number of our graduates have gone on to continue their study at universities and colleges; and many run their own businesses today.
Our school is currently preparing 300 students for a career in a business environment, media-related professions, or in arts and crafts professions and catering industry professions.
The school has excellent facilities: 10 multi-media study-classrooms, 2 ICT rooms, 2 language labs, a studio, a school library, a bookshop, a gallery, and workshop for the arts and crafts classes.
Students can also make use of the services of a modern hostel with a school canteen.
We offer:


4 – year study programs
These culminate in the “Maturita exam” or Czech secondary school-leaving examination required by all Czech universities and colleges.

Information Services in Companies and Institutions Studies
Graduates can work in libraries, information centres or archives.

Management and Marketing Communication Studies
Graduates are prepared for a career in business or in advertising or media environments.

4 – year Apprenticeship Programs
These culminate in the “Maturita exam” or Czech secondary school-leaving examination. Students can find employment opportunities in the building, architecture, teaching and artistic fields.

Blacksmith Training
Cabinetmaker Training
Woodcarver Training
Ceramist Training

3 – year Apprenticeship Programs 
These culminate with an Apprenticeship Diploma. These programs combine theory and practical demonstration lessons followed by hands-on practical experience classes.

Catering Studies – Waiter/Chef Training
After getting a diploma students can also continue in their study in 2-year or 3-year training courses. These culminate in the “Maturita exam” or Czech secondary school-leaving examination.